Health. Warmth. Comfort.

For most of us building a new house, those three things are going to top our wishlist. And these days you can add another: sustainability.

Klima Series delivers the most comfortable of homes while helping you keep power bills under control. Based on a premium series from Europe by Kömmerling but designed and manufactured here to suit Kiwi conditions, Klima Series is the ultimate energy-efficient window and door solution. And it’s not just a matter of maintaining a snug home in winter – Klima Series keeps things comfortable year-round. 

The key is the use of uPVC, a natural insulator with low conductivity. Popular in Europe, uPVC joinery reduces the transfer of both hot and cold temperatures and is the smart and sustainable alternative to timber and aluminium. What’s more, highly durable uPVC is capable of withstanding New Zealand’s harsh sunlight without discolouring or degrading, and offers excellent noise reduction.     

Inspired by Europe, designed for New Zealand, made for your home, Klima Series is the sustainable choice.

If thermal efficiency is among your top priorities, Klima Series is a smart bet

  • Recommended door height of 2.2m for most products, however doors can potentially be higher depending on site conditions 
  • Our window system is rated a maximum 6 energy stars under WEERS (Window Energy Efficiency Rating System) when used with high-performance glazing 
  • Units are 24mm double glazed 
  • Super thick profiles provide maximum thermal insulation. High quality weather resistance, and strength in high wind zones 
  • Available in a standard range of windows and doors, with the exception of a bi-fold format 
  • Seamless welded corners for extra strength Aligns with standard industry installation practices.

Why Choose Klima Series?

  • Thermal Efficiency – Perfect for use in the New Zealand Climate.
  • Healthier Home – An affordable investment to create a warmer, healthier home for your family.
  • Noise Reduction – Klima Series offers excellent levels of noise reduction.

Hardware Options

Espagnolette fastener - single hand, robust operation with a secure venting position 'Tilt-and-turn' hardware allows opening windows to swap between side opening or top opening for more ventilation.

AluClip system

The Klima Series products are only available in white, but can also be supplied in other colours using the AluClip system. It is a powdercoated aluminium facing clipped onto the exterior frame. As a result, your colour choice becomes virtually unlimited.


The Klima Series warranty certifies that all products meet or exceed the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code*. They are guaranteed for five years against failure of materials and workmanship and, as per the Building Code, can be expected to have a serviceable life of more than 15 years. *Compliance for windows and doors (NZS 4211 & NZS 4223, parts 1, 2 & 3).

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Klima Series

For more information on our window & doors product range, contact your manufacturer of choice.